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Types of Freight Containers

Freight containers are storages purposely made for shipping.  These freight containers are hard and strong enough to withstand shipment, good for storage of products, and high-level usage.  Freight containers are reusable storage units. Approximately, there are 17 million intermodal freight containers in the world.  These freight containers are, by large, used by international trade.

Freight containers protect the goods for dispatching.  There are different types of freight containers used for this matter.  The freight container needed depends on its use.  For example, the basic unit containers are freight containers for regular dry goods.  These freight containers look like huge boxes.  This type of freight containers has four sides and two doors, while those tall freights may need freight containers that are of an open top kind of freight containers. 

The goods that are perishable need refrigerated freight containers.  Liquids are contained in tanker freight containers.  Large objects may be shipped in flat rack freight containers.  Household general goods such as furniture would need the standard basic unit freight containers.  The standard freight containers measure 8.5 ft in length. Some even go up to 20–40-ft long.  Freight containers of this size can contain two bedroom homes.  There are various types of freight containers.

Corrugated boxes are commonly used freight containers.  These are recyclable freight containers. This type of freight containers are made up of corrugated fireboard.  This material for freight containers is lightweight yet strong enough to withstand storage and shipment.  The wooden boxes belong to another type of freight containers.  This kind of freight containers are used for the heavier merchandise. Crates are large freight containers.  These freight containers are made of wood.  And these freight containers are used for shipment of huge and heavy items. 

The freight containers called intermediate bulk freight container are used for shipping and container of fluids and bulk items.  These freight containers are made up of plastic, steel, or stainless steel.  Some of these freight containers are collapsible.  The flexible intermediate bulk freight containers are standardized containers.  These freight containers have a larger dimension for storage.  This type of freight containers is made up of woven synthetic material.  These are freight containers used for storing granular products.

The bulk boxes are freight containers in pallet size.  This type of freight containers are used for containing bulk quantities. Freight containers that are cylindrical are called drums.  These freight containers are made of steel.  Other drum freight containers are made of plastic or fiber.  These are used for shipping liquids and also granular materials.

The insulated freight containers are for products sensitive in temperature.  Foods, chemicals, medicines or pharmaceuticals are contained in insulated freight containers.  These freight containers are used like cold chain to preserve freshness of products.

The freight containers, called unit load device (ULD), are used to load on aircraft.  These freight containers are used to cargo luggage, mail, and others on an aircraft with wide body. These freight containers allow large quantities of freight to be lashed into a single unit.  Because of this, these freight containers save time and effort in loading cargoes.  Specialized freight containers are used for cargo of aviation parts. 

Freight containers called flight cases and transit cases are used for storage of fragile equipment.  This type of freight containers can be the storage for cameras and instruments.   Road case is another type of freight containers for storage and shipping of musical instruments and props used in theater.

The intermodal freight containers are reusable storages for shipping products and materials from origin to destination.  The freight containers that are manufactured according to ISO requirement are called ISO freight containers.  High cube freight containers are units that are taller than normal.

The freight forwarder should know which type of freight containers to use for such products.  The freight containers will protect the products during long transportation or shipping. The products should be loaded in the freight containers properly to prevent damage.

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Freight Containers