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Freight Calculator


When needing to ship an item, or items from one place or another, a freight calculator is almost always used. A freight calculator can be an online application, or a freight calculator can be a series of manual mathematical equations, and a person usually working within a shipping or cargo company will use a freight calculator to determine the price to charge a prospective customer.

A freight calculator is an indispensable tool for shipping and freight companies. Without the use of a freight calculator, they could over charge a customer and possibly lose business. Without a freight calculator, there is also the risk of not charging a customer enough, and the company would then be out of pocket. The freight calculator is a must for a successful business.

Either way, a freight calculator is an advantage to most businesses that offer a delivery service of some description.

There are many online websites aimed at the use of a freight calculator. These are designed for possible customers to use the freight calculator themselves, rather than use a freight calculator provided by the company they are thinking of hiring to ship their prospective cargo.

Some freight calculators are seemingly easy to use, while other freight calculators are aimed more at the mathematical genius type of person. If a person knows their mathematical limitations or strengths, it can help them to decide which freight calculator to use.

It is almost always easy to see if a certain websites freight calculator is going to be easy to use. Within the first few lines of the description of the freight calculator, a person should know if that particular freight calculator is going to be suitable for them to use.

Some companies who ship by truck or rail will use a freight calculator and charge for shipment by volume weight, whereas others will find that using a freight calculator and charging for actual weight instead is more cost effective to the company and the customer. A freight calculator is a good budgeting and accounting tool.

Most transport companies will use a freight calculator to calculate both volume and actual weight and will apply whichever has the highest number. Use of the freight calculator will help them to decide shipping costs for that particular item or product.

Air transportation companies will use the freight calculator in a different way. The freight calculator will calculate the cubic size of the freight or shipment.

Using the freight calculator for calculating volume weight for rail, ocean and truck freight charges is different again. The freight calculator is an invaluable asset.

Before using the freight calculator, the shipping company must first know the cubic measurements that the results need to be in. If a country uses the metric system, they will use the freight calculator to give results in cubic meters. If a country uses the imperial system, the freight calculator will be used to give the results in cubic feet.

The freight calculator will be able to do any freight calculator conversions needed with the minimum of effort. A freight calculator can easily convert imperial into metric, and the freight calculator can also be used to convert metric into imperial.

With the minimum of information, a freight calculator can generate the weight in the format you desire. The freight calculator can help a customer decide quickly if they want to use a particular company to ship their goods, or the freight calculator can make them decide not to use a particular company.

A freight calculator can also help a business decide on which company to use. If there are companies in competition with each other, then the use of a freight calculator can do many things. The freight calculator can enable a person or company to have accurate freight calculator quotes instead of estimates.

Companies that regularly deliver large items or items in large quantities typically use a freight carrier to calculate delivery times. The freight calculator would enable the company to estimate the amount of fuel needed to deliver a said item. The freight calculator would enable a company to see if they had reached their weight limit or capacity in a vehicle.

People using a website to buy or sell items, would benefit from a freight calculator. The freight calculator would let them know how much postage to charge. The freight calculator would also let a prospective customer know if that freight calculator postage was fair. A freight calculator keeps people in business.

An example of a simple freight calculator equation for transporting livestock is as follows: 

Use a freight calculator and input the number of miles between collection and delivery points.
Use the freight calculator to input the rate per mile.
Use the freight calculator to input the truck capacity in pounds.
Use the freight calculator to input the average weight per head.
Use the freight calculator to input the total number of head.

Click the ‘calculate’ button on the freight calculator.

The freight calculator will generate the results. The freight calculator will show you that the freight cost per load will be $650.

The freight calculator will also show you that the total freight cost will be $2,600,00

These figures are just an example of the capabilities and benefits of a freight calculator.

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Freight Calculator