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Don't Let Shipping Rates Sink Your Small Business


An extraordinary number of people have to ship items with high shipping rates ever day, so shipping rates are extremely important if you are one of these people.  If you are a small business owner who relies on shipping rates to ship packages to customers, shipping rates can have a huge impact on your profit margin.  Shipping rates can vary greatly depending on a number of factors that can make them increase or decrease in price.  At first it may not seem like it is worth it to shop around but those few extra cents can add up very quickly if you are shipping a large volume of items at a high rate.  A lot of people don’t think that they can lower their shipping rates by much, but you can actually do a lot to lower them.

One of the main items you need to reduce your shipping rates is a proper scale to weigh your parcels before calculating shipping rates.  You may even need a few different ones for shipping rates if the products you ship differ greatly in weight or size.  If this is the case, buy a few different scales to match the weight and size of the parcels to calculate your shipping rates.  Purchase a proper scale for shipping rates; do not substitute a scale that is not made for weighing mail and calculating shipping rates because it may end up costing you more. 

You can use a service for shipping rates scales such as EBay to find discounted or used scales for shipping rates to save the maximum amount of money on shipping rates.  Note what the average going price is for a shipping rates scale of the size you need for your parcels.  As always with EBay, check feedback of the seller of the shipping rates scale and do not be afraid to ask questions to the seller about the condition of the shipping rates scale.  You do not want to end up paying too much for a used shipping rates scale.

You can also save on shipping rates by using free or used boxes and packaging for the items you ship with shipping rates. Your overall shipping rates also depend on the materials you consume with your shipping rates, so save money on buying them whenever possible to reduce shipping rates.  Make sure that the boxes and packing materials are suitable for use though for your shipping rates.  If your shipment is damaged due to poor materials, you may be liable and will lose money on replacing the item plus additional shipping rates.  You can also find boxes and packing materials in bulk for a discount, which will also save on shipping rates.  Check to see if your courier offers free packaging for shipping an item with shipping rates. 

If you are operating a small business you may want to use delivery confirmation to reduce shipping rates.  It may be more money upfront on your shipping rates, but this will ensure that your customer cannot argue that the package never arriving and you never paid the shipping rates.  This is proof that you paid the shipping rates and shipped the product with the appropriate shipping rates.  You will also be able to track your shipment with your shipping rates.  If the shipment with the shipping rates is lost, you will also be able to locate it easier with these shipping rates.  If a customer does not receive a package shipped by the shipping rates established and you have no proof that it was sent then you have to pay shipping rates again, not to mention the cost of the actual product.

Do not make multiple trips to the packaging service provider of your shipping rates.  If you run a small business with shipping rates, clearly state that packages are only shipped on certain days to decrease the money you are spending on shipping rates.  This saves you on your shipping rates by saving on gas and time.  Travelling to your postal service company five times a week is much more gas and thus shipping rates than going only once a week.  You will greatly decrease your shipping rates with a decrease of the number of trips to the shipping rates service.

Consider when it is that the package needs to arrive to determine shipping rates.  You may be able to ship the item with cheaper shipping rates if it is not imperative that the parcel with shipping rates arrives at the destination quickly.  Shipping rates are much cheaper for shipping that is not expedited.  If it is important that the shipping rates package arrive by a specific date that is near, it will be best to spend more on shipping rates so that the parcel with shipping rates reaches its destination in the allotted time according to the expedited shipping rates. 

In conclusion, make sure that you do not spend more than is required on your shipping rates.  Shipping rates can have a big effect on you bottom line so you want to spend as little money as possible on shipping rates.  Be smart about your shipping rates and always shop around for your shipping rates.

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