• Ideal for small packages weighing from 1lb. up to 150 lbs. Over 150 lbs.should be priced as LTL
  • Domestic and international worldwide service available
  • Overnight domestic services available
  • Domestic and international service available
  • Max 70 lbs per piece and maximum dimensions of length in inches + girth in inches not to exceed 165". Where as girth = (width in inches x 2) + (height in inches x2)

Small Package/Courier - Door to door service allows for hassle free transport of parcels that are too small for less than truckload (LTL) shipping. The Small Package/Courier service provided by ExFreight will enable the speedy delivery of your parcels.

Parcels weighing from 1 pound up to 150 pounds will be ideal for Small Package/Courier - Door to door service. Length (in inches) + girth (in inches) can be up to a maximum of 165 inches for small packages.

ExFreight can deliver your small packages to both domestic and international destinations. Our worldwide service is based on the vast carrier network of ExFreight. Overnight delivery is available for select domestic destinations.



  • Partial Truck Load
  • Full Truck Load
  • Ocean Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Small Package/Courier
  • Over-sized Freight


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