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Ocean freight shipping is the most economical mode of global transportation. By utilizing ExFreight’s online quoting, booking, and map-based tracking system, your business will realize a competitive advantage.

ExFreight is a licensed NVOCC and ocean freight forwarder. Our online system offers both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) services.

Our ocean freight forwarder scope includes service between the U.S. and 150 countries along with Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Additional online ocean freight rates are available from Asia to Europe for both FCL and LCL services. Final door delivery to European Amazon FBA shipping locations is available for both modes of ocean shipping service.

The following parameters may help you determine which specific mode of transport applies to your needs:

FCL (full container load)

Full container load describes the use of a dedicated ocean container for your shipment. Regardless of the amount of space utilized, the entire container capacity will be yours. Some of the benefits and downside of FCL freight:

  • Shipments larger than 15 cubic-meters are ideal for FCL shipping.
  • The lowest cost per cubic meter (CBM) across all shipping modes.
  • Maximum cost savings for low-value and cost sensitive commodities.
  • Cargo security. Other than potential customs inspection, your freight will not be touched by any third-party prior to arrival. All containers are sealed.
  • During times of “normal” port operations, FCL containers can be delivered direct from the port to a door address within 48 hours.
  • When ocean liners are running on schedule, transit time for FCL containers is overall faster.
  • FCL containers can be floor-loaded by the shipper without cargo palletization. This allows maximum usage of the container space.
  • Delivery to Amazon FBS shipping facilities is difficult.
  • Market fluctuations sometimes make shipping containers and vessel space difficult to secure. Smaller shippers sometimes experience greater challenges.
  • Trucking to limited access locations and facilities is problematic for FCL deliveries.

LCL (less than container load)

Less than container load describes the the consolidation of palletized freight within an ocean container. A consolidated ocean LCL container typically contains the cargo from multiple shippers. Some of the benefits and and downside of LCL freight:

  • Shipments smaller than 15 cubic meters are optimal for LCL shipping.
  • Delivery options upon freight warehouse discharge are more flexible This includes delivery to locations requiring a liftgate.
  • Smaller freight shipments can be easily consolidated from multiple suppliers.
  • Cargo release from the warehouse can take several additional days. Freight from different shippers needs to be separated and positioned for pickup and final delivery.
  • Deliveries to Amazon FBA shipping facilities can be easily scheduled and completed.
  • Due to multiple stages of handling, the chances of cargo loss and damage are more likely.
  • LCL ocean freight rates are priced according to cubic meter dimensions. Additional costs may apply to heavy weight cargo that exceeds the dimensional cost.
  • Any costs associated with customs inspections are shared across all shippers within the shared container.

Although ocean freight is the most economical mode of international shipping, numerous pitfalls exist. ExFreight helps navigate these challenges by offering:

  • The ability to obtain a instant ocean freight rates. Our international shipping cost calculator covers every mode of door-to-door transport. This includes ocean freight rates from multiple carriers per lane.
  • Instant booking. After viewing ocean freight rates offered your shipment can be booked and dispatched for pickup immediately.
  • Map-based ocean freight tracking. Our system connects to ocean vessels using GPS technology. In turn, the location of a vessel and respective cargo is always known.
  • A C02 calculation is provided for your entire shipment. This allows you to measure your company’s carbon footprint relative to your overall global supply-chain program.
  • We are an Amazon SPN provider. If you have any (commercial) Amazon international shipping requirements or need Amazon international shipping rates, we can assist. Our platform offers instant Amazon FBA shipping rates and Amazon freight services.
  • ExFreight will ensure that all documentation is handled correctly. Shippers can also access our online how to ship guide for detailed explanation of country requirements.
  • Final mile delivery to end-users can be easily accomplished. All international customers also have access to ExFreight’s instant LTL calculator. This is a quick and cost-effective option for most domestic LTL freight.

Regardless of ocean shipping mode you use, it is imperative to conduct basic due diligence if you would like to ship international freight. ExFreight offers a complete how to ship guide that will inform you on every element of the shipping process. This includes ocean freight rates, booking, freight tracking, and all required documentation.

Using a digital ocean freight forwarder will give your company a competitive edge. ExFreight represents the future of ocean shipping by providing cutting-edge technology and complete shipment transparency.

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