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Freight Trucking Services (FTL & LTL)

Door to Door Service


Full Truckload (FTL) and Partial Truckload (LTL)

  • Ideal for shipments from 150 pounds up to 44,000 pounds
  • All types of equipment available. (48′ and 53′ trailers, flatbeds, step decks, etc…)
  • Domestic and international service available
  • Appointments and notify-on-arrival available
  • Max trailer dimensions are 100″ wide x 110″ tall x 53′ long
  • Trucking services available in USA, Canada, Europe
  • Call or email us to for rates!

Trucking services explained, FTL vs LTL shipping


ExFreight provides the safest and fastest Full Truckload (FTL) – Door to door service to move a large volume of cargo. Full Truckload (FTL) is a suitable option for transporting freight shipments weighing between 10,000 pounds and 45,000 pounds or are more than 15 feet long. Businesses with highly valuable or heavy haul items that are shipped in bulk generally require FTL trucking services.

ExFreight provides you with the facility to book appointments for your freight. Based on your requirements, we will notify you on the arrival of the shipment. We have the necessary equipment that may be required to transport your cargo. The maximum dimensions of our trailers are 100 inches x 110 inches x 53 inches. ExFreight provides both domestic and international Full Truckload (FTL) – Door to door service.

The Benefits of FTL (Full Truckload) Shipping Include:

  • Less Handling: Since shipments remain in one truck for the duration of their movement, this option is a good fit for fragile or high risk freight. No switching trucks, no repacking and no changing hands until it has reached its destination.  
  • Can Be Faster Than LTL: If you have enough freight to fill a truckload, this will be your fastest option because freight moves directly toward the final destination without any other stops or movements made for others shipping alongside you.


Do you need to transport freight weighing several hundred pounds, but not enough to require a full truckload? Do you want your freight picked up conveniently at your doorstep or docking station? If so, many small businesses opt for LTL shipping. LTL trucking may be a fit for you if you’re:

Shipping freight that doesn’t require a full truckload trailer of 48’ or 53’ feet
An online retailer or small businesses
Sending multiple smaller shipments to different destinations
Shipping freight that fits within a range of 151 to 40,000 pounds (lbs) with a linear length of up to 28 feet

Shipping rates are calculated based on a combination of weight, freight type and distance shipped.

The Benefits of LTL (Less Than Truckload) Shipping Include:

  • Low Cost: If you don’t need a full truckload, or you’re making multiple smaller deliveries, chances are that you wills save big time with LTL trucking options.
  • Speed: Since you won’t have to wait until shipments are large enough to fill a truckload, you can begin delivering and shipping your freight quickly.
  • Logistics, Pickup & Delivery Assistance: With LTL shipping, your freight is picked up at your doorstep with convenient lift gates, pallet jackets and more.


Exfreight was founded by a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge and proven expertise in the logistics industry. We strive to provide our customers with seamless and cost-effective solutions for their transportation needs. ExFreight is a turn-key logistics provider using the latest technology to bridge the markets of the world. Please submit the price quote form to see if we can provide you with superior shipping service at the best rate!

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