Cargo Insurance

Comprehensive protection against lost and damaged freight

ExFreight’s cargo insurance coverage protects your shipments against loss and damage during transit. The cargo insurance cost includes cargo value, freight charges, and 10% additional allowance coverage.

Certificates of coverage are created instantly and can be downloaded from the website.

All risk insurance covers your cargo from pick up to delivery, including all modes of transport. It also includes coverage against General Average.

Please note that carrier maximum liability only covers cases of negligence by the carrier. Acts of God, such as weather or accident (if not the fault of the carrier) are not covered. It is always recommended to insure your goods.

During the booking process, after entering all cargo and commodity details, our system will offer optional cargo insurance coverage. This is above and beyond the limited liability coverage extended by most transportation carriers.

The offer shows the insurance premium, deductible, type of coverage, and expiration date. In addition, it also displays the total insured value and maximum liability without purchasing cargo insurance coverage.

cargo insurance