3 Easy Steps to Shipping Freight

How To Ship

No Dangerous goods are permitted on our international services unless Pre-approved and inspected

Litium Batteries – Explosives – Aerosals – Flammables
Oxidizers – Toxins – Corrosives – Radioactive

Air Freight Packaging

TSA regulations stipulate that any shipment weighing over 150 lbs or large enough to house a human, be banded 4 ways. Barrels, constructed of plastic or metal, be metal banded 4 ways.Any pallet built to a height where the load could become unstable in transit, be plastic wrapped and banded 4 ways. All combustible engines must be ”Drained and Flushed” and have a letter on company letterhead attesting that the engine was drained and flushed.

Wood Packing Material (WPM) Requirements – All International

All WPM used for international carriage must be treated to kill harmful insects and stamped with the appropriate IPPC logo. Any untreated wood will be rejected for international transport. This applies to but is not limited to the following: pallets, crates, wooden boxes and pieces of wood used to support or brace cargo.

Proper Packaging

Pack all your merchandise in boxes or crates. NO loose/unpackaged freight will be accepted. Refrain from using bags or flimsy boxes. In addition, each box/crate must be properly sealed. Palletizing is required for shipments over 75lbs per piece or when shipping a large number of smaller boxes. When multiple boxes or crates are shipped loose, your risk for loss increases therefore all pieces should be secured to the pallet using shrink wrap or banding. It is also suggested to use cardboard or other protective layer around the cargo prior to shrink wrapping or banding. Other Freight will be consolidated with yours so ensure your cargo is properly packed and protected.

No Docs No Load Policy

All international shipments and shipments destined to Puerto Rico require export documentation. At a minimum a commercial invoice and packing list are required. If documents are not uploaded online the shipment will be held at port of exit and delays will incur. Please do not give originals to the driver as they can be lost. Please courier all original documents directly to consignee for countries that require original documents at destination. Any shipment with a single commodity over $2500 requires an export declaration to be filed. IF the export declaration information is not filled out online an SLI is will be required and must be uploaded with documents. Any shipments destined to the following countries requires the following foreign government registration number prior to departure from origin port:
Brazil = CNPJ#, Colombia = NIT#, Argentina = CUIT#, Nigeria = FORM M#

Service Types and What They Include

Door to Port

  • Includes: pick-up from shipper, customs export declaration, Ocean or Air freight to PORT only
  • Does not include: destination terminal fees, customs entry, delivery, import duties and taxes, storage charges, exam fees or any other destination services

Door to Door

  • Includes: pick-up from shipper, customs export declaration, Ocean or Air freight, destination terminal fees, basic customs entry fee, delivery to consignee address with a loading dock (within regular shipping and receiving hours)
  • Does not include: destination duties and taxes, special import permit (if applicable), exam fees, storage charges (if incurred), any other destination services

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