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Less-than-truckload shipping, commonly referred to as LTL freight, involves the transportation of cargo that does not require an entire trailer or truckload. Shipments from various companies or distributors are delivered regionally or locally on one truck. In short, LTL shipping generally refers to palletized domestic cargo.

ExFreight’s online platform offers the ability to obtain an ltl freight quote instantly, book, and view all ltl freight tracking. Our ltl freight quote calculator also provides multiple carrier options for every shipment.

When should you ship LTL freight?

An LTL shipment is the optimal choice when the cargo volume does not justify paying for a full truckload. We recommend LTL shipping for freight weighing between 100 pounds and (up to) 10,000 pounds. Your rates will be determined by the weight, commodity, distance, and overall density.

What type of LTL service does ExFreight offer?

ExFreight is a domestic LTL shipping broker. We negotiate rates direct with over 50 common carriers. Our technology platform is also connected direct to the carriers pricing system. In turn, those rates are offered to our shipping clientele. All rates offered are current but expire within 48 hours.

Our system is also based upon density pricing. This means that the outdated and confusing NMFC system can be easily navigated. Rates provided are always NMFC classified on your behalf which eliminates surprise billing charges.

Benefits of LTL Freight

When properly utilized, LTL freight is more cost-effective than other shipping methods because you are only paying for the space that your cargo takes-up within a given trailer or truck. The cost of the LTL freight ends up being only a fraction of FTL shipping.

It is also more environmentally friendly than other modes of transport. LTL maximizes all available space in each truck or trailer, reducing pollution along with fuel consumption used in transport. The ExFreight system provides a carbon calculation with every shipment quote.

LTL shipping also offers have greater location accessibility, especially when making deliveries in areas with limited access. Carriers may often deliver to business parks and residential areas that FTL shipments are not able to access.

Disadvantages of LTL Freight

LTL shipping is somewhat slower than dedicated door to door service. Cargo is transferred at regional and national hubs which lengthens the transit time. Extenuating events such as weather and pandemics also strain national distribution networks.

Another disadvantage of LTL shipping regards the risk of damage and loss. Multiple points of transfer and handling across common carrier networks naturally leads to damaged or lost freight. This may be alleviated by using premium carriers with reliable delivery service. The purchase of cargo insurance is also recommended.

Why Choose ExFreight for Your LTL Shipping Needs?

Keep the following in mind when searching for a company to handle your shipping:

  • Instant rates. ExFreight’s online freight quote calculator provides options across multiple carriers.
  • Carrier reliability rating provided with every quote.
  • Online map-based tracking. All shipment operations notes are also visible within your account.

Preparing freight

When preparing your freight for shipment, there are a few packaging requirements:

●     Ensure proper packaging: Freight should be packed within boxes, sealed, and palletized. Shrink wrapping and banding reduces the chances of lost and misplaced freight. Adding extra layers of protection to your freight will also help ensure safe transit.

●     Ensure proper documentation: The ExFreight BOL must always be presented by the shipper to the carrier at the time of pickup. Failure to provide the ExFreight BOL (including presentation of any other document) may result in significant additional costs and charges.

●     Always provide accurate weight and dimensions: Precise weight and measurements allows our carriers and staff to handle your freight seamlessly.

●     Note all accessories when rating: Residential addresses, locations without a loading dock, special access facilities, and non-commercial locations must be noted when rating your cargo. Failure to note accessorials when rating and booking will result in additional charges.

At Exfreight, we handle thousands of shipments per month. Our system and service are trusted by hundreds of shippers and third party logistics providers. If you have questions regarding LTL freight meanings or services, please reach out to one of our experts for more information. You can also refer to our online how to ship guide

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