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Air freight transportation is the fastest, most reliable and efficient product shipment method used today. Ongoing technological advancements of freight digitalization have transformed global supply-chains allowing products to be ship faster than ever before.

By coupling available technology with multiple carrier options, businesses may meet and exceed customer timelines and demands.

At Exfreight, our online platform makes shipping by air simple and intuitive. All processes and pricing are transparent allowing a seamless shipment experience from the initial quote through final delivery.

Air freight is ideal for shipments over 150 lbs. and is available both door-to-door and door-to-airport. The maximum dimensions are 317 cm long x 241 cm wide x 297 cm tall.

Why should you Ship by Air?

Compared to ocean freight and truck freight, air freight is sometimes considered an overly expensive service. However, when compared with other slower and less-efficient modes of transport, air cargo becomes the superior option due to several factors.

●     Shipping via air is the fastest method

Air cargo shipping is the fastest worldwide shipping method and is also often the quickest domestic option. For time-sensitive freight, it is undoubtedly your optimal choice.

●     Increased security and safety

Shipping via air freight ensures that your cargo is secure. Due to comprehensive air carrier and industry security protocols your valuable is much less subject to theft or damage.

●     Easy air cargo tracking

When shipping via air freight, our real-time air cargo tracking becomes a user-friendly feature. With reliable departure and arrival times along with map-based tracking updates the status of your shipment is always readily available. This functionality ensures you will always be informed of your freight location and disposition.

●  Shipping goods anywhere

Shipping by air cargo allows access to locations typically unserved by other transit modes such as ocean freight. Air cargo can be flown into major hubs and regional facilities with commensurate first and last mile pickup/delivery. Our door to door air freight services include transport on passenger aircraft and cargo aircraft.

Why Choose ExFreight for Air Freight Shipping?

●     Our dedication to customer satisfaction

At ExFreight, we know how important it is that your products arrive at their destination quickly and with care. We ensure that all air cargo is handled securely and within industry protocols.

●     A trusted and reputable shipping provider

Founded in 2006, ExFreight has since served clients with more than a half-million shipments. We are TSA-certified and holds active memberships in organizations such as the World Cargo Alliance, Transportation Intermediaries Association, and IGLN.

●     Completion of all paperwork required for exporting and importing

We understand how stressful paperwork can be and help make the process easier for you. Our staff will ensure that all documentation is in accordance with all necessary import and export customs regulations. Our online shipping guide also explains every element the documentation process.

●     A tech-savvy digital approach to processing shipments

Exfreight is a pioneer in the world of digital freight shipping. We offer instant rates and booking based on direct-access freight contracts. Our rates are provided with options across multiple carriers. Get in touch with us to learn more about digital cargo transportation and utilizing our technology to streamline your supply-chain.

●     Clear and straightforward communication.

Clear communication is paramount to air freight shipment success. Our global tracking and shipment stats updates will keep you informed on the entire shipment process. You can log into your account anytime and see the status of your freight.

Where We Serve

ExFreight is a global company with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Our services span over 150 countries worldwide.

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