FL: ExFreight Zeta, Inc., a digital freight forwarding pioneer has announced the launch of a new Instant Carbon Calculator that will allow shippers and partner 3PL’s decision-making insight regarding modes of transport, shipment routing, and overall CO2 emissions.

ExFreight provides the estimated carbon emissions for all shipment modes at the time of rating and during actual transit. This includes first mile trucking, air/ocean transport, and final delivery worldwide. Data is collected and verified with all respective carriers and provided to the shipper.

Customers are also able to override the standard calculations input their own kilogram per short ton mile factors to meet required internal standards of measurement. This can be applied to trucking, air cargo, rail, and ocean transport modes.

Full reporting capability allows the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual measurement of carbon emissions for every step of the supply chain and respective individual shipment. Unlike industry competitors, ExFreight’s Carbon Calculator is directly integrated function within the company’s proprietary operating system. Using global location data and mileage calculations, an element of accuracy is provided previously unavailable within the global transportation industry.

The carbon calculator is one element of ExFreight’s ever-expanding digital platform for air, ocean, and trucking services. Shippers login to instantly rate multi-modal global transportation services, book, and track shipment location via global positioning technology.

About ExFreight: ExFreight Zeta, Inc www.exfreight.com is a digital forwarding pioneer based in Lake Worth Florida. Founded in 2006, ExFreight offers digital freight forwarding services between 150 North American, European, and Asian countries.